About us

Lagnatækni, Consulting Engineers, was founded in 1986.

The company specializes in consultation and design of HVAC systems.

Lagnatækni has been involved in many areas of society, both in large and small projects for public and the private sector.

Lagnatækni has participated in many specialized and complex projects such as consulting work for the pharmaceutical industry, both in Iceland and abroad. The company has gained experience working with the comprehensive quality and evaluation procedures that take place within the pharmaceutical industry. These projects have mainly been in Iceland but the company has also designed and consulted on large projects in southern Europe and Asia. In doing so, the company has built up valuable experience of working in very different environmental conditions, ranging from the relatively cool and dry climate in Iceland to the hot and humid conditions of the mediterranean and the tropical climates of India.    

Lagnatækni has experiance in designing specialized HVAC systems for different types of laboratories, such as chemical and bio safety laboratories.

The company emphasis in maintaining expertise and training for inspections, evaluations and commissioning work demanding customers, like the pharmaceutical sector. We therefore ensure that all of our instruments and equipment are always calibrated with traceability to national standards. The company takes pride in building up and preserving its knowledge and to be a leading company in the HVAC field.

Lagnatækni uses building information model (BIM) in its design by using the program MagiCad.

Lagnatækni currently employs eight experienced engineers allowing us to provide secure and viable solutions in all fields of HVAC design and implementation.

Lagnatækni is a member of Iceland‘s Federation of Consulting Engineers, FRV.