Lagnatækni was called in early fall 2012 to start preparation on this biosimilar pharmaceutical and development plant. During that time, a proper location needed to be found for the plant and foreign consultants for concept design.

Lagnatækni´s consultation spanned very different fields but our base is HVAC and other technical system design, supervision and commissioning of these systems.

During concept phase, Lagnatækni cooperated with the German consulting company M+W for concept and pre-design of the facility. After that Lagnatækni, took over further work and detail design of the production and laboratory areas in cooperation with directors at Alvotech.

Among the those things was the creation and arrangement of what can be called a "Technical world" for this building. The tecnical world surrounds and connects contiguously from the basement to the top floor of the building. This arrangement is essential to ensure that operation and maintenance of the technical systems can be fulfilled without having to gown to enter production and laboratory areas. 

The largest part of the production and laboratory areas are defined as so-called clean rooms and are about 3.000 m2. The clean rooms are in different grades due to importants and sensitivity of the operation. The clean rooms are made from pre-fabricated units from the german company Elva-tec, but Lagnatækni took care of all technical communication for these clean rooms. 

The coverage of technical system within the building is vast and diverse. The surroundings for developing and producing aseptic hypodermic medication with biological methods demands accurate control of the environment. The HVAC systems serve a crucial role in meeting those demands.